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Catering B2BCruise Rotterdam 1 Buffetten

Catering B2BCruise Rotterdam 1 Buffetten


On board of a ship a buffet cannot be missing, our kitchen brigade will be happy to prepare delicious fresh dishes for you.

Brunch Buffet The Old Meuse

  • Soup a la chef baguette
  • Assortment with various hard rolls and slices of farmers white and farmers brown
  • Smoked salmon
  • 2 types of meat products
  • 2 types of cheese
  • Homemade egg salad
  • Homemade tuna salad
  • Stir fried egg with bacon
  • Bavaroise in an amuse glass
  • Miscellaneous confectionery
  • Butter and dietary margarine
  • Coffee and tea during the buffet (max. 1 hour)

Captains Diner

  • Beef finch in delicious espagnole sauce
  • Bacon patties fried in butter
  • Fried Zeeland onions and bacon bits
  • Floury boiled potatoes
  • Braised ravings
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Tomato/Cucumber salad
  • Mix of young leaf lettuce
  • Homemade piccalilly
  • Homemade mustard sauce
  • Zeeuwse Cuisine syrup
  • Table acids
  • Chopped shallots

Nice tip!
In addition to the Captains dinner you can complete the evening with a nice welcome drink in the form of a Schippersbitter.
and finish the buffet with Dutch Dessert. Reception with Schippersbitter

Dessert Dutch Bitter biscuits
(macaroon mouse, whipped cream and macaroons)

Asian satay buffet

  • Malaysia Chicken sate with sate sauce
  • Thailand Sate of steak with coconut peanut sauce
  • Vietnam Sate of shrimp
  • Indonesië Sambal goreng beans
  • Thailand Cucumber salad
  • Suriname Nasi served in a unique tin

The buffet is served with nasi goreng, white rice, homemade sambal, prawn crackers, fried onions, seroendeng and atjar.

Indian buffet

  • Daging Rendang Beef in slightly spicy coconut sauce
  • One piece Rempahbal Bali p.p. Halfway through meatball in sweet spicy Bali sauce
  • Two sticks Saté Ajam p.p. Freshly grilled chicken skewer with peanut sauce
  • Sambal Goreng Telor Half egg in light spicy Sambal Goreng sauce
  • Tjap Tjoy Vegetable mix with sweet oyster sauce
  • Gado Gado Vegetable mix of bean sprouts and peanuts
  • Nasi Goreng Fried rice
  • Bami GorengFried wheat noodles
  • Nasi Puti white rice

Stew Pot Buffet

  • Stew pot raw endiveFloury potatoes mashed with cream and herbs raw endive and organic bacon
  • Stew pot Kale From organic potatoes and fresh cauliflower and sustainable smoked sausage
  • stew pot Sauerkraut Sauerkraut with potatoes, white wine and fried onions and fried bacon
  • Meat dish A large dish with various kinds of honest meat such as fried bacon bits, fresh sausage and
    beef finch in a powerful gravy with onions.

Optional Vegetarian stew. A stew of parsnip, celeriac and potato with cream
and sage au gratin with blue-veined cheese.

World Buffet

Make a global culinary round with your guests on board.

  • The Netherlands Dutch herring with onions (only during the off-season herring season substitute dish)
  • Amerika Caesar Salad; green salad with croutons, Parmesan cheese and bacon bits
  • France Brie with walnut and honey
  • Spain Jamon de Serano; Spanish ham with melon and pineapple
  • Italy Lasagne
  • GermanySlipper salad; potato salad
  • Norway Norway prawn salad
  • Scotland Scottish smoked salmon with sour cream and capers
  • Mexico Mexican Meatloaf
  • Indonesian Saté ajam: kipsaté met satésaus
  • Chinese Nasi putih: white rice
  • Austria Bratkartoffeln: fried potatoes with onion and bacon bits
  • France Beef tips in full pepper cognac sauce

Buffet Willemsbrug

  • Caesar Salade; Green salad with croutons, Parmesan cheese and organic bacon
  • Green salad Green salad of fresh vegetables such as oak leaf lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, walnut, corn with nut dressing
  • French Brie Brie infused with honey and walnut
  • Serranoham Spanish dried ham with fresh fruit
  • Pasta salad Vegetarian pasta salad with grilled vegetables
  • Potato salad Salad of fresh boiled potatoes and creamy mayonnaise
  • Fish salad Salad of fresh boiled potatoes and various smoked fish
  • Scottish smoked salmon Scottish salmon smoked with sour cream and capers
  • Kipsaté Chicken thighs of the free-range chicken with delicious satay sauces
  • Tenderloin tips Tenderloin tips in a full pepper cognac sauce

The whole is complemented by various types of bread and herb butter, baked potatoes and French fries.

Would you like to spoil your guests with a hot meal? Think of the buffet below.
A balanced combination of delicious dishes that are a true feast for the palate.

Buffet Rotterdam

  • Two richly filled salads du chef
  • Fresh salmon in a creamy white wine sauce
  • Fresh prawns in a spicy Thai red curry sauce
  • Freshly sliced warm ham on the bone with honey mustard sauce
  • Tenderloin tips in a full creamy pepper and cognac sauce
  • Baked potatoes
  • Fresh vegetables of the season
  • Caesar Salad

The whole is complemented by various types of bread and herb butter

Catering B2BCruise Rotterdam 1 Buffetten

Seasonal buffets

In the Netherlands you can actually get everything all year round, but still there are these things
that you only eat or drink to suit the season.

  • Mussel buffet Price on request
    Mussels prepared in 3 different ways with sauces and baguette.
    We prepare the mussel for you in a classic way, spicy way and the French way with Roquefort.
  • Asparagus buffet Price on request
    Traditionally prepared with a butter gravy, boiled eggs and ham on the bone from the knife. This buffet is excellent to complement with, for example, a satay buffet.
  • Herring party Price on request Every year we eagerly await the Hollandse Nieuwe. We can take care of your herring party the way you like it.

Catering B2BCruise Rotterdam 1 Buffetten
Catering B2BCruise Rotterdam 1 BuffettenCatering B2BCruise Rotterdam 1 Buffetten
Catering B2BCruise Rotterdam 1 Buffetten